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Miracles Bosnia

How it all began…


The ancient bridge in Mostar was still standing when Miracles’ founder, Theo Ellert first visited Bosnia-Herzegovina on an aid mission in March l993.


In the nearby Shrine of Medjugorje Theo met fellow aid worker, Matthew Procter and their friendship was the basis of Miracles’ long-term commitment to help the tragic people of that war-torn country to help rebuild their lives and livelihoods and find hope through the mist of their despair.


From humanitarian work for those in need to caring for refugees and street children… From orphans’ summer camps to education and apprenticeships… Miracles’ work developed and grew.


At the personal request of the Mayor of Vitez, Miracles’ first major project was it's Multi-National Youth Centre which grew out of the horrors of ethnic cleansing and the rubble of war to bring together youngsters of all nationalities and beliefs to learn to live together in peace and harmony.




















Whilst expanding its work for the homeless, the sick and the victims of war, Miracles embraced other projects such as Mostar’s Kindergarten for the Handicapped, Los Rosales. This was built by the UN Spanish Forces based in Mostar during the Bosnian War for the many handicapped children caught up in the fighting.  After the war the Kindergarten struggled to keep going and continue to meet the needs of its children for whom there is no state provision and no other help source available.  Miracles continues to keep the Kindergarten doors open - with the help of its key supporters.


Then its medevacs increased with more and more cases of landmine victims being taken to the USA for prosthesis and to Spain for specialist burns treatment.


And so to the present and the two major projects which have developed - The Miracles Centre for Prosthesis and Care in Mostar and the Miracles Roma Housing and Education Project in Zenica.


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