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About Us

Miracles is a UK charity that was launched in October 1994 during the height of the Bosnia-Herzegovina war (92-95) when our founder, Theo Ellert, was taking humanitarian aid to civilians caught up in the conflict.

Miracles now works extensively throughout the UK supporting children and their families living in poverty and helping them through crisis situations. 

Miracles UK

Since our launch we have provided a vital service to people in the UK who have hit rock bottom and have no one and nowhere else to turn.  

We work across the UK with referral agencies such as children's hospitals (including Great Ormond Street and the Royal Marsden), charities like CLIC Sargent, social workers, schools and Citizens Advice. We offer a 24 hour rapid response so that our support is there when families need it – when it can really make a difference – this is what makes Miracles unique.

For further detail about our support criteria, please click here.

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