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We receive hundreds of requests for support every year but we can only afford to help just a few families.

We desperately need your help to reach even more in 2023.

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These are just some of the ways your donation will be used



£20 will buy a London travel card for a parent visiting their child in hospital. Emily came to us through Great Ormond Street Hospital. Emily is 5 and has a quadriplegic motor disorder. Her mum is her full time carer and her dad has had to take unpaid leave while Emily was in hospital. They really struggled to find the money to cover the cost of travel in London to see her.  Just £20 would help cover the travel costs for other famalies like Emilys. DONATE HERE.

Image by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim


£50 will cover the cost of an overnight stay in London whilst a parent visits a sick child in hospital. Parents like Karen whose daughter, Sophie, underwent a liver transplant in May and has subsequently been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Having to take several weeks off work to be with her, Karen lost her job. Whilst Sophie was undergoing treatment Karen was finding it difficult to pay the bills -  the cost of travel in and out of London was overwhelming and she was heading into serious debt. A night or two in London, close to the hospital, would have meant she could have spent more time with Sophie. DONATE HERE.



£100 would cover costs of food for a family. Christine, referred to us through Great Ormond Street Hospital, is a single parent to 3 children & full time carer to Madison, her son, who has coronary heart disease. Although Madison’s condition has worsened her renewal for Disability Allowance was rejected and this has left them struggling financially – they are using food banks to make up the shortfall. GOSH are appealing on her behalf for benefits but, in the meantime, whilst they wait, we gave them £200 in food vouchers. DONATE HERE.

Ferris Wheel


£100 would sponsor a treat day out for siblings of a sick child. We recently supported Liam and his mum and dad on a day out in London. In partnership with Rolls Royce and with support from a Miracles sponsor they were picked up from Great Ormond Street Hospital, given a tour of London in a RR Silver Ghost and had a wonderful afternoon exploring the Shrek Adventure. Liam said it was the best day he has ever had and one day, when his brother is better, he will take him out as well (read his letter here) – Miracles will be there when it happens. DONATE HERE.

Painting Eggs


£150 will buy household essentials such as a fridge, cooker, bedding etc. Destiney, 5, was referred to us through Great Ormond Street Hospital. She has Cystic Kidney disease and is very ill. She is looked after by Maria, her mum, who is a single carer. Maria was made homeless by her parents earlier in the year and though she now has accommodation she didn’t have any kind of bedding – we stepped in and bought them both beds and quilts - everything they needed for a good nights sleep. DONATE HERE.



£500 will cover the cost of a week’s respite break for a family at our respite break caravans in Selsey. Sharon, 11, was referred to us through Clic Sargent. Sharon is going through treatment for the very rare Ewings Sarcoma (bone cancer). The family had been through so much stress and hardship and they really needed a break – some time to regroup as a family and spend time together. We gave them all a much needed weeks’ holiday – she and her sisters had a great time - the first holiday they have had together in years.             DONATE HERE.



£500 would also help pay for utilities to be reconnected. It could help cover rent arrears and stop a family being evicted. Midi, referred to us through Great Ormond Street Hospital –urgently needed help for rent as the family had gone into debt after the death of their youngest child. The funeral director charged the family for burial instead of the government – their father is in the process of claiming it back – in the meantime the rent was due and they were spiraling into debt. We covered their rent and some of their bills as well.           DONATE HERE.

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