St Martin's School partnership

We are delighted to announce a brand new, one year, partnership with St Martin's - a north London School. The school’s proprietor, Joanna Wilson, was looking for a local charity that worked closely with its beneficiaries – where the funds raised would go directly to the people who needed it and not get swallowed up in admin cost and expensive advertising campaigns – Miracles fitted the bill. Most of all she liked our mission of supporting children living in poverty and helping them through crisis situations. The partnership was launched with a presentation to their assembly by Miracles Project Director, James Burton. Their first fund raising events took place in the build up to Christmas wit

London to Paris bike ride challenge

Early one damp, September, London morning three brave souls, Craig Evans, Dan Smith and Peter Woolven from Adgenda Media, donned their biking gear and headed off to Chrystal Palace for the start of the London to Paris bike ride challenge. This is Craig’s account: ‘Without having any road cycling experience, the London to Paris ride was always something that tickled my fancy…..I imagined breezing through the flat sunny French countryside – how hard could it be, right? Turns out that vision was pretty much spot on (if you don’t mention the terrible British roads, the miserable weather, getting back into the saddle after 100 miles the previous day and the many many hills!) After 5 months of tra

It was Christmas Eve babe.....

James Burton, Miracles Project Director, arranged a Christmas Eve concert for prisoners on the drug rehabilitation wing of Brixton prison. He took in the three other musicians - Ty Watling, Gabriel Moreno and Roy Hill - to perform a two-hour acoustic concert in front of 30+ prisoners on the wing. Christmas is a particularly tough time to be in prison and very challenging for prisoners trying to live drug free. Events and activities like the concert helps to give prisoners, struggling with addiction, the strength to carry on. Knowing there are people on the outside who want to help them with their long term rehabilitation is a great source of comfort - especially over Christmas.

The princesses of High Park school

Miracles caseworker Jemima Gidley from West Yorkshire arranged a surprise visit to a local schools Christmas party. The school, High Park, is for children of all ages with learning difficulties. The princesses are Isha age 15 as Moana, Kara age 15 as Belle and Kyeris age 15 as Alice.

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