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The Miracles Centre Mostar

The Miracles Centre in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) is a vital part of the humanitarian work to which the charity pledged itself when it was established in l994. The Centre provides prosthetic care to BiH landmine victims and disabled citizens, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, location, social or economical situation.

The Centre was officially opened on 1st April 2009 funded by private donations. It is financed by La Fondation Miracles Suisse together with other charitable funds, among which The International Trust Fund (ITF) is a key supporter. With one certified prosthetist (CPO), Nihad Subasic and his assistant, Amel Mrkonjic, on average one new limb a week has been made and fitted.


Miracles in Bosnia is building a future worth living for the war-torn people of BiH, bringing hope as well as humanitarian aid.

Since the Centre opened over 250 new limbs have been made and fitted, free of charge, along with some 500 corrections as well as the many orthopaedic insoles and other essential devices. Help is freely given to amputees from all over Bosnia and of all ethnic groups – men, women and children from pensioners to prisoners and from all religious backgrounds.

Miracles work in this area is both successful and badly needed since it is the only prosthetic service provider in the region and the only provider of free limbs in the whole of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Land mine victims numbered 6,327 from 1992 to 1996, and from 1996 to 2013 there have been 1,716 of which 600 victims have lost their lives.

For more information about our work in BiH or to donate please contact Ingrid Tissot at

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