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Our Impact

We take referrals from professional bodies such as children’s hospitals like Great Ormond Street Hospital, social services, children centres like Park Lane in Haringey, Bright Star in Islington as well as cancer charities like Young Lives verses Cancer.  They turn to us as a last resort when families have fallen through the net of other aid agencies and have no one else to turn to.

There are nearly half a million sick or disabled children in the England and Wales – nearly all of them live at home (99%). 

34% live in households where there is no adult in paid work, compared with 18% of children who are not sick or disabled 

32% are single parent families, although single parent families are only 25% of all families. 

Thousands of these families face the trauma of their child's illness whilst struggling with severe poverty on a daily basis. So many of the families we support are single parents – often mothers escaping domestic violence, or partners having died leaving debts.

We respond within 24 hours offering practical support.

Poverty is corrosive, discriminating and unfair – it impacts on children’s health and life opportunities.  Illness places an additional financial burden on family life which can be insurmountable.






1,200 families

2,900 children


The issues our families are facing*



74% of our families are unemployed – mostly related to their children’s illness.

64% are families with a child suffering with serious illness.

62% are single mothers.

32% are carers are living with their own serious illness or depression.

25% are families have no recourse to public funds.

23% are mothers fleeing domestic violence and abuse.

15% are families living in desperately inadequate housing.

10% are victims of human trafficking.

4% are pregnant.

2% recently lost a child.




GOSH – Great Ormond Street Hospital

NRPF – No recourse to public funds


  • NRPF - child has brain tumour - mother can’t work and father on very low income.

  • Youngest child is being treated at GOSH for brain tumour. Really struggling - rent going up.

  • Single mother - child diagnosed with Hirschsprung disease - off school - lot of pain - soiling clothes.

  • 2 YO has cancer - NRPF - really struggling and new baby on the way.

  • 4 YO life threatening heart condition – being treated at GOSH - no money - mother is pregnant.

  • Child receiving radiotherapy at UCLH - family having to drive every day. Child on steroids and eating more than usual.

  • Youngest child has aggressive cancer with poor prognosis – parents not working – really struggling financially and depressed.

  • Single mother – pregnant – escaping domestic violence.

  • Child has cancer – single mother not coping well - depressed and no money.

  • Youngest diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and in a lot of pain and feeling very ill. Family in a bad way financially and emotionally - isolated and depressed.

  • Mother victim of modern slavery and sex trafficking - new to their borough and very vulnerable family.

  • 16 YO had brain tumour - significant problems. Mother died last year. Dad trying to bring family up on own - really struggling

  • NRPF Single mother – victim of domestic violence and modern slavery – suffering with PTSD.

  • Both children very ill and treated at GOSH - congenital heart problems - both autistic - family really struggling - not working

  • Single mother with big family - all living in 4-bedroom flat. Youngest has Downs Syndrome and being treated at GOSH - long term stay.

  • Mother recently lost her child - 6 yo - incurable brain tumour - plunged into debt and the hell that is losing a child

  • Single mother – had to give up work to look after child - relapsed leukaemia - 3 years treatment. 

  • Single mother and victim of trafficking and sex slave - complex medical needs - depressed - isolated

  • Single mother with a 14 yo who has had unexpected seizure - went from boy loving school and sports to having brain damage and unable to communicate.

  • Single mother who is a victim of modern slavery and FGM.

  • Single mother with a child who has autism and needs a high level of supervision - living on 5th floor of tower block - constant fear of child climbing out.

  • Single mother and victim of domestic violence – survivor of human trafficking – NRPF.

  • Single mother and victim of chronic domestic abuse - seeking refuge - high anxiety and family at risk.

  • Single mother fleeing domestic violence - children witnessed and traumatised and receiving support. Youngest diagnosed with autism - lot of debt.

  • Family rescued from Afghanistan after Taliban take over - family really struggling and in debt.


*Profiles taken form our most recent Feed London project - 2023

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