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Legacy & Philanthropy

How to leave Miracles a Gift in your Will


It is easier than you think.


There are three ways you can leave a gift in your will to Miracles


1. Leave a share of your estate (Residuary Legacy)


Once you have worked out what you are leaving to family and friends, you can donate a share, or all of what is left. This type of gift is also inflation proof and will save you having to update your Will in the future.



2. A specific sum of money (Pecuniary Legacy)


If you want to leave a specified sum to Miracles, simply list this amount in your Will.



3. A specific item


Any item you think will be of value to Miracles when sold.




If you already have a will and want to leave a legacy gift to Miracles, all you have to do is complete a simple codicil form (amendment). Have two witnesses sign it and keep it with your will.


Download the codicil form


If you are not sure, we recommend that you contact a solicitor or a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers for further support. 


If you would like to discuss with Miracles directly, please email or call us on 07545174243

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