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Become a sponsor

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We can offer a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities –– one off sponsorship or monthly donations – simply visit Just Giving or CAF. Email us and let us know what you are doing.


Will sponsor a whole family taking a Miracles respite break for one week at one of our holiday caravans on the West Sussex coast.

The breaks are for families who have children undergoing treatment for or recovering from serious illness. For some families this is the first break they have had since the illness began and gives them the space and time away from hospitals and treatment centres to bond again as a whole family. Siblings can face considerable challenges in association with chronic illness of a brother or sister within their family. They can begin to feel invisible, find that life is a constant round of interruptions that stop birthday parties, sleepovers, sporting activities etc. Help us to help them all feel special again.

Family home support. A family struggling to make ends meet with a child or children in hospital will be finding it difficult to keep it together at home.  This in turn creates even more stress in the family’s life. Help us give them some respite by providing practical support - from hiring a cleaner to do a top to toe full house clean, to purchasing toys and play equipment, to a garden makeover to filling the fridge with food.

Welcome packs. We would like to provide every family with a Miracles Welcome Pack on their arrival at one of the Miracles holiday caravans. Given everything the family has been through we want to ensure their stay is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. The welcome packs include a basic food shop, bowl of fruit, treats for the children, including books, pens and colouring, games and some pocket money for each child.

Per month would help support a family’s hospital appointment with their seriously ill child. The cost of travel to and from hospital can be prohibitive for families on low incomes. If you don’t have a car and the treatment your child is having seriously impairs their immunity, then a taxi is often the only option.


Per month would help toward keeping the family’s home liveable – from providing beds and bedding to keeping the lights and heating on. 


Per month would help us send a family on an occasional, much needed day trip – helping make the brothers and sisters of a sick child feel special.

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