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Taylor was like every other 8 month old child before he fell ill – just learning to crawl –
reaching the normal milestones.


Then one night he woke up crying – he was sick and his mother noticed a small rash – she wasn't alarmed until later that evening when she saw it had spread to his face. She called an ambulance and he was immediately taken in to hospital.

It was in A+E she knew something was terribly wrong - everyone was gathered
round him – he was swelling up – she literally watched the rash spread over his body.

His condition became so serious so quickly that doctors told her they didn't expect Taylor to survive.

He was taken to the ICU, placed in an induced coma and given just a few hours to live. Family and friends gathered round, he was christened and they all tried to say goodbye.

But Taylors mother wasn't giving up – she decided that together they would fight.
Even when his vital organs started to shut down she was there – for seventeen days she was with him – when his limbs turned black and they had to amputate, when he took giant leaps forward only to lapse back again to deaths door (he went into septic shock three times) – she was there.

Together with a tremendous team of doctors, specialists and nurses and Taylor's wonderful fighting spirit they beat the infection. Today Taylor is a beautiful 3 year old boy – inquisitive, funny, talkative and constantly on the move.

He is undergoing regular surgery to rebuild his hands – in hospital on a weekly basis.

We gave them a much needed respite break this summer (Taylors mother is a single
parent – struggling with finance but surviving) and we will stay close and supportive of
this wonderful family.

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