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Crisis Funding

Finding out your child is so ill that they might die, is something no parent wants to hear.


For families on low incomes, living in poverty, the stress and financial hardship involved can be insurmountable.  The cost of transport to hospital and overnight stays, additional clothing, specialized diets, child care, a million other incremental additional costs all increase stress on the whole family and can plunge parents into serious and sometimes irretrievable debt.


Miracles crisis funding means we can act immediately (within 24 hours of a call for help) to provide funds at very short notice when they are needed – it is what makes us unique - something no other charity is able to do.  



We can only take calls from professionals. If you are a family or individual in need of help please contact your local CA or social worker / hospital support and ask them to contact us directly at Miracles or fill in the online form

Some recent examples of these mini-miracles include:


Providing transport and subsistence costs for the family of a twelve-year-old boy with Ewing sarcoma in sustained treatment with chemo and radiotherapy and surgery.  


Family from Northampton whose son is currently undergoing a stem cell transplant and is very unwell. They have traveled to hospitals across the country to see different consultants - £500 from Miracles helped towards travel costs.


Isha is a carer for her brother of 19 who is being treated at UCLH for a rare cancer which has metastasized in his brain. They are from Sierra Leone and he was here studying. While supporting her brother, she gave birth but does not have secure housing. We are providing temporary hotel accommodation until a room is free for her at UCLH…..ongoing.


We also provide crisis support to families at home. In the past 24 months we have helped stop evictions,  kept household utilities running,  bought much needed cookers, fridges and washing machines, covered rent arrears, treated houses for mould, bought school uniforms, joined clubs, filled fridges with food and much more.


For a complete list of all our recent support activities, please visit our impact pages.



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