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Miracles Covid-19 Appeal

For the past 25 years Miracles has been supporting children and their families living in poverty and facing a life crisis such as serious illness - they need us now more than ever.


The global pandemic has hit families living in poverty very hard and over the past few weeks we have seen a substantial increase in requests for support – particularly from families with children undergoing treatment in hospital for life threatening cancers and with compromised immune systems.


But we now face the real possibility of not being able to support these very vulnerable families and we desperately need your help over the coming weeks.  


Please help us help them.

Donate here or visit the Miracles fundraising page for some great ideas on how to fundraise at home.

Here's just some of the ways your support will be used over the coming weeks:

Our aim is to help families stay together during the pandemic and to keep them safe.


  • 24-hour emergency support – as soon as we get a request for help we respond – it what makes us unique …. Link here….

  • Food – the services families would normally rely on – and these include food banks – have been disrupted due to the virus and this leaves them even more at risk.

  • Travel – if their child is undergoing cancer treatment or organ transplant their risk of infection is extremely high – parents cannot travel on public transport nor can they stand in supermarket queues.

  • Child care – those that have children in hospital cannot take siblings in due to hospital restrictions – yet they have no access to extra funds to provide child care. Previous support systems, such as family, friends, schools and nurseries are all closed to them during the shutdown.

  • Utilities – hundreds of thousands of vulnerable parents have had to apply for universal credit – because so many have applied the wait will be longer than expected. We can help by covering some utility payments until their benefits come through.

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