These are just some of the children and families we have been able to help over the past few months. 


All the children and families referred to us live in poverty and are going through a major life crisis.


Some names and images have been changed to protect identities.

Four-month old baby undergoing surgery for heart problem. Large family who have no money for milk, nappies, clothing and food while waiting for food bank application to be considered. Miracles provided shopping vouchers so that they could shop online and have it delivered direct to avoid Covid infection. Mother also struggling with own health problems.
Child with severe heart disease being shielded by single mother in lockdown. Urgently needed funding for private travel as unable to use public transport for hospital visits, shopping, etc
This is Charlie, the son of one of our caseworkers. Charlie has chronic heart disease, brain damage and he is non-verbal. We purchased him an app at Christmas to go with an iPad he was given. The app allows him to press pictures to speak. His favourite word is cake : ) Possibly the finest word in the English language. This is Charlie in his new pool and he is loving life.
This is Harvey – he was born with his heart is the wrong way around. Along with global developmental delay and is also being tested for autism. In September he is going in for a double heart operation.
His brother, George, has multiple heart conditions and recently underwent surgery at three different hospitals.
Due to poor health they haven’t been able to take a Miracles respite break so, at their request, we gave them a games console as they are having to spend so much time inside.
Anna Rose had Downs Syndrome & Leukaemia and was referred to us via the SSSN Support group - she was end of life when we met her. She had been given the chance of a holiday but her family simply didn’t have the petrol money to get there. When you live in poverty who do you turn to for such things? Miracles gave them the funds they needed – one phone call and it was sorted. Sadly, Anna Rose died not long after the holiday.
Lexi May is six and from Co. Durham  – she has had brain damage from birth. Lexi is cared for by her single mum, Lucy. Lexi had an eye operation scheduled and we thought they both deserved a respite break prior to operation to give them some time to relax and have some fun. They stayed in our adapted caravan.
Jessica is 21 – she was referred to us through Clic Sargent UCLH. Jessica is being treated for acute lymphocytic leukaemia which includes having a bone marrow transplant. She had been discharged but needed help with transport costs for the next 6 weeks - follow up hospital appointments. She was still waiting for benefits to come through so Miracles stepped and gave her £240 towards her travel costs.
Ruby was a referral from Meningitis Support  (Cardiff). Ruby has 4 siblings - 13,8,6 & 4 – all being cared for by their single mum. Ruby contracted meningitis when she was a baby and has suffered seizures and learning difficulties ever since. This was the first break the family had had in a long time – a relaxing week in one of the Miracles caravans.
There were 4.1 million children living in poverty in the UK in 2017-18. That’s 30 per cent of children, or 9 in a classroom of 30.
TJ is 3 and was referred to us through Clic Sargent in Sheffield. TJ has been diagnosed with a Diffuse Astrocytoma (brain tumour), he also has other disabilities and has frequent seizures. His mum, who is single, is struggling to cope with expenses for hospital travel, parking, food & laundry while he is in hospital. Miracles is there for children like TJ - we supported them with £200 to help them with some of their immediate expenses.
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Kian is 5 and has been having treatment for leukaemia. As a treat between hospital visits we gave him and his family a much needed respite break. It was his birthday during the stay so we arranged for 7 other family members to visit for the day – he had such a wonderful time.
The Fletchers were referred to us by Clic Sargent – Great Ormond Street. They had recently lost their 3-year-old daughter to cancer. The benefits they were receiving stopped after her death and they fell into debt and got behind in their rent. Her father had returned to work but had to wait a month before being paid – too late to stop an eviction notice that had been served. They had no one to turn to except Miracles - we stepped in and paid the rent and stopped the eviction.
Bobby was referred to us through Clic Sargent at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. He was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in 2015, which metastasised and he developed a spinal tumour leaving him unable to walk - his condition is terminal. The request was to help with travel money - for a taxi to take him for respite breaks with his mother. We gave them £200 to cover the cost.
Ciara is 7 – she was referred to us through Clic Sargent at the Royal Marsden  (London). She has Downs Syndrome and is also being treated for acute lymphocytic leukaemia. We gave Ciara and her family a much needed break to rest and recoup after gruelling rounds of treatment.
Sandra -  Sandra came to us as a crisis case referral. The family (mum, dad and two children) were living in very cramped conditions. Sandra’s husband had lost his job and the eldest child was suffering from severe depression. They hadn’t had a holiday in a long time so we gave them a glorious break at one of our caravans.
Charlie was born with chronic heart disease. He is also autistic and non-verbal. On the day he went to hospital for his first heart operation his dad was killed by a hit and run driver. His mum is now a Miracles caseworker. We gave them a weeks respite break in one of the Miracles caravans.
Matthew - aged 11 – was referred to us through SSSN (Warrington).
Matthew has cerebral palsy and is totally dependent on his mum and his wheelchair. He has one brother aged 5. They really needed a summer break so they had a week at a Miracles respite caravan.

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