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Our Strategy

The very best support we can deliver:

A rapid response to support requests – our 24 hour turn around is what makes us unique


A commitment to continue supporting every family beyond the initial request


Responsive to the needs of each individual family – what they need when they need it


Support criteria that are flexible and inclusive


Professional service with a human touch – we have over 20 years’ experience of working with families in poverty and crisis


Support irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity or religion.

Our professional partnerships

  • We take referrals from professional bodies such as hospitals, social workers and Citizens Advice to ensure we reach only the most vulnerable families. We also work with the business community whose support we call on to ensure the continued success of Miracles. These partnerships are vital to our work

  • We maintain meaningful, effective and close working contact

  • Remain relevant to the needs of clients and their objectives

  • Adapt to issues and developments that impact on our core beneficiary group through these bodies

  • Respond swiftly to requests for support

Smiling Team Of Doctors And Nurses At Ho
Developing our volunteer basis


Overseen by our Casework Coordinator, Deborah Aldridge, Miracles is proud and grateful to have a team of volunteer caseworkers spreading word of our services in hospitals and treatment centres and providing friendship and practical help to other families facing the type of crisis situations that they themselves have experienced.

We are committed to developing volunteer opportunities to extend our impact on families in crisis. If you would like to know more about volunteering with Miracles please contact us at



Low costs - high returns


Our current aim (2023/24) is to raise £300K by focusing on cost-effective fundraising activities that attract and engage our target supporters. Our biggest development in 2023 is focusing on local London business that have a vestured interest in the welfare of their community. We are also developing our online presence which is receiving a complete redesign and overhaul, allowing us to present our work and reach supporters in a clear and engaging way. This development has been undertaken by our media partner, Adgenda Media International, who have donated their time and resources pro-bono.

We keep overheads to a minimum employing just one full time Project Director and one part time Case Work Co-ordinator. 

For further detail about our annual accounts please visit our listing on the charity commission website here.

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