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18 miles on the clock and still the weather is on my side

Today I want to start by telling you about a crisis case which has just come in from The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton where the Clic-Sargent Social Workers deal with so many tragic cases of leukaemia. They were seeking help for a single mum, Jo, with an 11 year old son who has just relapsed – for the third time – with this cruel cancer which has paid such a large part in my charity life.

Jo was a hard-working mum bringing up her son while keeping up her daily job as well as taking in foreign stu- dents to help provide a decent lifestyle. In 2012 her son was struck down with leukaemia and after many months of intensive treatment Jo managed to get the help of the Benefits available for just such a situation. After a considerable time the disease went into remission and life started to return to normality. The Benefits stopped accordingly. Then the boy relapsed. Back in hospital and needing constant care, Jo’s job went by the board along with her other earnings and the debts began to rise. Then, on 3rd April, just as Jo was trying to come to terms with his uncertain future as well as the threat of Covid 19, her son relapsed yet again.

The Social Worker, now helping her to re-apply for Government funding, suggested that in the interim Miracles’ Crisis Fund may be able to help her. To her immense relief we were able to make an immediate grant of £300 direct to Jo’s bank to help with their day-to-day living. A further grant will be made if needed before the Benefits come through but for the moment she knows she has friends in Miracles and that we are right behind her while the doctors look for specialised treatment which may save his life.

Tomorrow I am going to try and do a longer trek than usual with Jo in mind.

Could you make a donation to help Jo? Here's my link to Virgin Giving. Thanks

Saturday, 30th May. I now have 24.45 miles on the clock and my legs are aching!!!

BBC Radio South interviewed me again this morning and I told them about Jo. Simon, the Producer, lives in Worthing and had taken some photos of the dawn on his way to work. Very sweetly he sent them to me and here they are: The start of another beautiful day. I will paint one of them one day. I love the dawn but seldom see it.

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