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Counting the Beans - Grunberg & Co support Miracles charity

Corporate support is so important to our work at Miracles. The accountancy firm, Grunberg & Co, have committed themselves to Miracles for 2019. Robert Bean, Managing Partner, describes the aims and rational of their support.

Grunberg & Co supports a yearly charity and this year we put forward three options for our staff to vote on and Miracles overwhelming received the majority vote. The support that Miracles provides really touched the hearts of our staff. Knowing that your financial support is actually getting to those that need it most is very important. The partners invited James to talk to their staff in more detail about the ways in which Miracles supports children and their families in crisis. During the talk we were given insights into real life situations where the charity had stepped in at a critical time and it was clear how they had turned situations around just by being able to provide in some cases basic necessities that we all take for granted. These stories were really powerful in further imbedding the need for our support, further rallying our staff to raise funds and also to provide practical support. Our staff are able to take paid charity days where they can give up their working day to provide practical help and we are looking forward to working with Miracles in this way. Grunberg have planned fund raising events from a wine and cheese evening, sponsored walks and bike rides, to raffles and competitions to help us reach our target of £7,000.

Thank you from all of us at Miracles and, more importantly, from all the families we are able to help through the generosity of everyone at Grunberg & Co.

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