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George and Harvey - Miracles children

Miracles has worked with and supported so many wonderful families over the years – the Hall family is particularly dear to us. For the past two years they have had to decline a Miracles respite break due to the poor health of their children. So this year we sent the boys a games console as they are having to spend a lot of time indoors.

This is their story....

Harvey was born with cctga, basically his heart is the wrong way around - top and bottom. He also has global development delay and is currently being tested for autism. He’s booked in for September for the double switch heart operation.

George has multiple heart conditions and recently underwent surgery at both at Leeds General Infirmary, Royal Victoria in Newcastle and the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

On his first birthday he had a 15-hour operation in Newcastle and the odds on him surviving were only 20%. He spent 7 months in hospital fighting one thing after another. He now has a pacemaker for complete heart block and has no viable heartbeat.

George’s stomach nerves have been damaged so much that his stomach no longer works and he has to wear a drainage bag for 15 hours every day. He also has a tracheotomy that helps him breathe and at night he has to be attached to a life support machine (ventilator) on primary settings. He has to have flushes every two hours. He is also fed into the bowel as his stomach absorbs nothing and he has this overnight - every night.

We wish Harvey a successful operation in September and a speedy recovery and send the whole family all love from the Miracles team.

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