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  • James Burton

Cheese, wine and Miracles

Employees at Grunberg & Co have committed themselves to raising £7,000 in 2019 for Miracles and they are well on the way to achieving their goal. So far they have raised £1,214 from 3 events – the most recent being a sumptuous cheese and wine taster.

Forging links with the business community is so important to Miracles. Not only can they help fund our work but also act as ambassadors for us helping to raise awareness of child poverty and the lasting impact it has on children’s long term development. The more people understand the damage poverty has on a child’s life the more opportunity we can create to make lasting change.

Thank you to all the wonderful employees at Grunberg & Co for your continued support and inspiration.

If you work for a company and would like to know more about how you can support Miracles, please contact us here or call James Burton on 07545174243.

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