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  • James Burton

Heights, thin bits of rope and a trust in strangers…..Grunberg & Co do it again.

The amazing people at Grunberg & Co have been busy doing some very daring fundraising for Miracles – all to do with heights, thin bits of rope and a trust in strangers to keep them safe – a seriously noble quality.

The first was abseiling the O2 – 80 feet of controlled falling!!! Four intrepid supporters (including our very own Robert Bean – Miracles Trustee) took to the O2 roof to raise funds for our work – their aim is to raise £7,000 for Miracles over the year.

A few pictures to prove they were there and that they did it – heady stuff. Whats next? Watch this space.....

A huge thank you from everyone at Miracles.

If you want to do something similar for Miracles, then please get in touch – drop us email.

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