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80 year old Theo's fight with a hedge - the hedge won...

Theo’s Trike Trek 2021 Up-Date 10th June

The very essence of my 2021 Trike Trek is ‘triumph over tragedy’ and I couldn’t help feeling that was rather relevant for me when on 13th April at 10.30 in the evening I tripped over a paving-stone and ended up under a hedge with a very full and heavy dust-bin on top of me! The next morning I woke up in hospital being told I had a broken collar bone …and all my plans went out of the window. Ironically that day I received from Marie-Antoinette, a copy of the cover proof for the program for the Geneva Dinner, being organised by La Fondation Miracles Swisse in aid of the Miracles’ Prosthetics Centre in Bosnia in conjunction with which my 2021 Trike Trek was planned.

But, to me raising money for limbs was more important than nursing my own injury, and although I was told I wouldn’t be able to start the Trek until mid-June, somehow I had to get on with it so I would have at least a few miles under my belt for the special appeal which was to be made to the guests at the Dinner to sponsor my efforts.

So: thanks to the simply glorious weather which started at the time and has - by the grace of heaven—continued, on and off, ever since, in a certain amount of agony and a lot of people telling me not to do it, I began peddling again on 1st June and by sheer determination have managed to clock up over 40 miles to date!

I am very happy to tell you that the Dinner was a wonderful success and the sponsorship raised for my Trek is in excess of £1,600.

However, my Virgin Money Giving Page is still a little sparse so Please PLEASE will YOU contribute towards providing those limbs. They are far more needed than the huge amount of sympathy I have received. So, please, go to my fundraising page and make a donation:

And also follow my progress on the Miracles’ Facebook Page very kindly uploaded for me by our wonderful Susie Spires of Inspires Marketing—one of Miracles’ key supporters and a member of our Board of Trustees.

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