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81 miles by 80 year old Theo

80-year-old Theo Ellert – Founder of the Miracles Charity is attempting another Trike Trek this year: 81 miles this time and in just one month.

This year Theo is focussing on the Miracles Mission in Bosnia Herzegovina – where the charity first began in the height of the 1992-94 war when so many lives – and limbs – were lost.

Now, 30 years on, Miracles’ Centre for Prosthesis and Psychotherapy is a vital haven offering ongoing prosthetic treatment and the counselling so needed in a country still overshadowed by the war and its consequences. Miracles’ Centre is the only place in Bosnia where Prosthetic Treatment is available free of charge to all who desperately need it.

Seriously traumatised by their memories, these people had lost everything they had – including the ability to work – or play.

With Miracles’ help, many are now able to resume their work and learn to play again. It is truly a gift of life. PLEASE HELP THEO TO GIVE MORE PEOPLE THEIR LIMBS 4 LIFE Donations can be made on our Virgin Giving page here.

Thanks x

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