• James Burton

Born to Run - Rob does Bruce

Covid-19 has devastated UK charities ability to fundraise – all traditional events, such as marathons and Gala dinners, have been cancelled - literally overnight – due to Government restrictions to deal with the pandemic.

Small to medium size charities, like Miracles, don’t have huge reserves to fall back on – we are not one of the big ‘corporate’ type charities, bejewelled with PR and marketing departments. We rely solely on the generosity of our supporters.

Fortunately, there are some amazing people out there who are prepared to step up and do something – people like Rob Corcoran – an exceptional singer songwriter who gave up his time on Sunday afternoon to perform a virtual concert for Miracles. Not just any concert – every third song was a Spruce Springsteen song – Rob performs Bruce’s numbers like no one else.

He has raised £250 on the day for Miracles – for our work with children and their families living in poverty – they need us now more than ever.

To catch the concert, follow the link here. You can find more of Robs work here.

To donate to Miracles so we can help even more of the UK's most vulnerable families visit our Virgin Giving page.

Thanks - stay safe.


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