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Day 3 - Theo's 80 mile fundraising adventure.....

Yesterday I had a real morale booster! It was a Birthday donation from very old friends, Father and Daughter, Ali and Doug. Doug was a pillar of our lovely church, St. Mary’s East Preston. Now in his late nineties and in the safe isolation of a wonderful Care Home near the church, Doug was one of the finest human beings I have ever met. Thank you so much Ali and Doug xxxx

On my ride Trek this morning I said ‘Good Morning’ to nine people until someone called out ‘It’s gone 2!’ So I changed my greeting to ‘Hi!’ for the next 25. (My arm get’s quite tired with all this waving.)

Pics:St. Mary’s Church;The graveyard where my parents and best friend, Peta, are buried;Then I remembered to look for Heaven’s little treasures:a beautiful wild yellow pansy.

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