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Eighty year old, Theo, is cycling 80 miles in eighty days......

Updated: May 26, 2020

Theo Ellert, founder of the UK children's charity Miracles, has set herself the challenge of cycling 80 miles over the next 80 days - or sooner if she possibly can! Given her success to date that is highly likely.

She is doing it because her charity, like so many UK charities, has been slammed by the pandemic. Every single fundraising event we had planned this year - from marathons to dinners - have all been canceled yet we are receiving more request than ever - we support children and their families living in poverty and we help them through crisis situations such as serious illness.

Theo wants to raise just £25,000 which will ensure our respite break caravans can open up as soon as the restrictions are lifted. It means we can offer those families who have suffered the most during the lockdown a much needed, restorative, break.

To support Theo please visit her fundraising page here To learn more about Miracles and our work visit our website here.

You can read her first blog blog below - Thanks

Theo’s Trike Trek - Day 1

Unable to start the Trek on Sunday as waiting for bunting to ‘dress’ the trike. Arrived on Monday so all beautiful and ready to go.

The bunting was flapping in the wind and the leaflets in my basket were flying everywhere (Good publicity but embarrassing!!). Only managed just over a mile but at least it was a start. Tuesday full of enthusiasm and in beautiful sunshine set out and just peddled on for an hour by which time my legs gave out. I had covered nearly four and a half miles and it nearly killed me! The tragedy was that the milometer hadn’t been set to nought so have no proof of it! Uggg!.

Wednesday veryfstif from yesterday’s marathon. A beautiful day with no wind but only managed 2.56 to start the clock counting. Thursday again gorgeous weather so another two miles clocked up.

Friday, there is a howling gale and overcast sky so not looking forward to it. I read a ‘daily thought’ which said if one was feeling down start looking out for God’s little treasures and you will soon be uplifted. Going to try that now ...... !.

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