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Send Prison Governor sends thanks.....

The most recent Miracles music workshop, The Singer Inside, came to an end in January. It ran for 3 months in Send women’s prison and was the most successful prison project we have run to date.

The project ended with a wonderful concert – all the prisoners involved share their work with an invited audience from the prison which included the Send Governor, Carlene Dixon.

After the concert she wrote a letter of thanks which meant so much to us.

Thank you Send prison for being so welcoming and committed to the project – we will be back very soon.

“On Friday 17th January I was invited to attend a music concert organised as a culmination of a series of workshops held here at HMP Send.  It was a fabulous event and the music was truly inspiring. I felt extremely proud of the enthusiasm and talent that was showcased and am very grateful to the project for having pulled this together.  The therapeutic benefits of music are widely accepted and in an environment where so many of our women have been damaged or traumatised, it was really uplifting to see and hear the positive impact on those that took part.  I have had nothing but positive feedback from the women about how much they enjoyed the workshops and how learning how to write songs has helped them to channel their thoughts and feelings into something positive.  Thank you to all involved.”

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