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Theo's 80th birthday challenge

Updated: May 28

Miracles Founder, Theo Ellert, has just embarked on a 80 Mile Trike Trek over 80 days to celebrate her 80thBirthday on 18thAugust.

With her 80th birthday challenge Theo is hoping to raise £25,000 to provide seaside holidays for the many families who have lived through the trauma of the Covid 19 Lock-Down and now desperately need a respite break from the hell they have been through. The aim is to raise funds for Miracles’ work for families living in abject poverty and trying to cope with the added burden of often terminally sick children.

For several years Miracles has provided respite breaks entirely free of charge for families in its two seaside caravans based in the beautiful Bunn Leisure Holiday Park in Selsey, West Sussex. During lockdown the Park is closed but as soon as it is able to re-open, so will our caravans.

However, Covid 19 has hit charities like ours very hard indeed. All our fundraising efforts have been severely curtailed and although the calls for our help have kept coming, our resources have been sadly depleted.

It costs Miracles over £25,000 per year to keep our caravans in operation. This is why your support is so important to us – and to the families who rely on us so heavily.


Please donate to my Virgin Money Giving Page or through Miracles’ Website

On Sunday, 18thAugust l940, one of the early Battle of Britain bombs landed on a hospital in Gillingham, Kent.

The Maternity Wing was spared – miraculously – but the new-born babies were rushed to the basement, labelled, and kept there until the All Clear sounded. Then they were hurriedly cleaned up and returned to their anxious mothers. Theo was one of those babies. 80 years on and she still very much believe in miracles – hence the charity she founded twenty-five years ago.


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