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Theo's fundraising trek is starting to attract media attention

James, Miracles Project Director, has done a great job on PR for me. We missed the Interview on Spirit FM recorded the other day but they are going to follow up sometime and also put it on their website and Facebook. The BBC South one recorded early on Sunday morning went quite well, despite the hour! The interviewer knew the Bun Leisure Caravan Park very well as when he was a boy the family used to go their every Summer. That was a good start. Again they will follow up actually on my Birthday itself, if not before.

It is difficult to assess how one has done but it must have been worthwhile as a lady telephoned within minutes to find out where to send a donation to ‘Your wonderful charity’. The pre-recorded (Skype) interview with Meridian FM came out today and we listened to it avidly. Again, I was worried about it but Rob seemed to think it went well – so here’s hoping. They are sending me the recording so we can all analyse it at leisure. Another BBC South one is to take place on Sunday so more anon.

My God/Step Daughter, Alice Linley-Munro, has put my blogs on her Facebook Page and the response has been fantastic. She has some wonderful – and very generous – friends. She is going to continue to paste my blogs. I am sending them to her direct as she finds it easier than trying to find them on the Miracles’ Website. James is going to address this after the Dinner on Saturday.

If any of you reading this have friends on your Facebook page, please would you consider sharing my Trike Trek with them? It will take a great deal more donations to reach my target, but whatever is raised will be put to use straight away so that the Miracles’ families can have a desperately needed respite break when the dreaded lock-down is over. The more Facebook friends we can reach, the better. Would you do this for me? Please!

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