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Theo’s Trike Trek Blog – Page 2

Updated: May 26, 2020

Saturday, and the sixth day of my Trek.

Still incredibly windy but I’ve just been out and took some lovely pictures of the waves at high tide. Breath-taking (literally – and it nearly blew me over). I had to abandon the trike to get it off the pebbles and back onto the road.

I have promised myself to do a little every day but I’m not sure that will be possible in wind and rain. We’ll see. My tricycle is really heavy and I envy the cyclists that come zooming past but its lovely to be able to smile and say ‘Hi’ to the walkers and runners taking their daily quota of exercise. I’m well above them on my ‘chariot’ so no fear of breaking the distancing rules.

Please PLEASE be generous and support my efforts. And believe me it is an effort!! But if we can help some really poor and needy families get the respite break they so badly need and deserve it will be all worthwhile.

Love, Theo x

To donate please visit These Virgin Giving page here

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