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Theo' Trike Trek - 81 miles for Limbs for Life campaign

More background about why Theo's new Bike Challenge and the Miracles’ Centre for Prosthesis and Psychotherapy in Bosnia is so important to her.

The day-by-day work of this truly miraculous institution is funded by La Fondation Miracles Suisse which was set up in 2009 in Geneva in furtherance of the great work originally financed by Marc Pereire and some of his friends.

In his memory, his widow Marie-Antoinette Pereire presides over The Miracles Swiss Foundation, aided by her friend, Ingrid Tissot. Marie Antoinette was, for many years, Chairman of the Miracles Charity in the UK working closely with Theo, its Founder.

Theo’s Trike Trek is coinciding with the Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Dinner this June. The Challenge, due to start in mid-May, had to be postponed due to a broken shoulder, but it has now got underway!

Like last year, Theo will ride her Tricycle around the areas of East and West Preston and reaching further towards Rustington and Littlehampton.

The Prosthetic treatment given is ongoing. A child, for example, will need the limb changed every year as he or she grows in stature.

The basic price of a limb below the knee is £1,500 For a limb above the knee is £2,000 A prosthetic foot is £450

Theo’s aim is to raise sufficient funds to provide approximately five prosthetic limbs. PLEASE HELP HER TO ACHIEVE HER AIM By donating as generously as you can at our Virgin Giving page here. Or: La Fondation Miracles - Mirabaud & Cie SA IBAN: CH03 0877 0000 0005 0571 0

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