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Satisfaction review questions

We would really like to know what you thought of the Feed London box – good and bad. It helps us to improve what we offer and make it even better for the next school holidays.


We would also like to hear how it’s been for you and your children over the past year, what are your concerns, your families well-being, the problems you face.


We have created an online questionnaire which you can download – simply follow the link here and print off. You can scan or photograph your response and send it back to us at


Everyone who responds will be placed in the Feed London mini project for the first half term of 2022 when we aim to deliver delicious family ready meals right to your door.

All your data and information will be kept confidential and in line with our data protection policies and used for internal purposes only.

Thanks for your help - have a wonderful holiday from us all at Feed London.

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