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Dominic, aged 4, has a rare cancer and was referred to Miracles for help by the CLIC-Sargent Social Worker at St. George’s Hospital. His father first came to the UK on a visitor’s permit and brought his wife over on the same temporary visa.


Dominic was born here and diagnosed with cancer just after their visa expired leaving them with no benefits and no money to pay for treatment. Bills for his care have amounted to over £30,000.


Miracles supported Dominic's parents. We provided cash for travel and the family's daily needs. Just before Christmas, Dominic's social worker asked if we could buy him an expensive interactive toy – something to play with in the long hours in intensive care.


We bought him the tiger toy suggested and almost as soon as he received it he rallied. He is still in Intensive Care but the tiger continues to give him much joy and has enabled the medical team to engage with him in a way they were not able to do before.

Read what his social worker has said about Miracles support here

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