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What We Do

Being told your child has a life changing or life limiting illness is devastating. If you live in poverty, it can literally rip your family apart.  Additional financial burdens can quickly mount up and become overwhelming – sending the family into irreversible debt.


We are there to help relieve those burdens from families living in poverty and facing a crisis. We can help solve the immediate crisis through rapid and practical support. We can take away some of the stress and pressure they are under and create space for the family to focus on recovery, on their children and on dealing with the day to day issues of living in poverty.


We offer two support mechanisms:


  • Crisis funding – 24 hour turnaround – practical and rapid support for families who have no one else to turn to. We provide grants that cover a broad spectrum of issues - from hospital travel and  accommodation, food, clothing, additional medical equipment, through to helping to halt evictions, reconnect house utilities, home medical needs and house adaptions (such as a new washing machine). We even occasionally fill the fridge with food so a family can eat well. For a deeper understanding of our crisis funding visit OUR IMPACT page.


  • Respite breaks – for families with children recovering from or undergoing treatment for serious illness. Spending time together as a family outside of hospitals and treatment centres can be incredibly  therapeutic and healing. We provide the location and, if needed, the travel, the food, the entertainment as well as a bit of spending money – all the family have to do is spend time together. To learn more about our holiday caravan on the South West coast visit our RESPITE page.

  • Feed London -Miracles response to the food crisis taking place amongst London children, living in poverty and facing significant hardship, over the school holidays, when food poverty is at its most critical. We deliver essential food boxes packed with enough fresh and healthy ingredients for at least 6 main meals along with child friendly recipes, supermarket vouchers worth £75, creative kits (from our partner Liberty) and lots of treats – ensuring they get a really healthy start to the school holidays. Find out more here.

Help Miracles be there for children and their families when no one else is – DONATE now and make a difference.

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